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The new wind controller for electric vehicle industry in 2013

2012/10/8      view:
The new wind controller for electric vehicle industry in 2013
In general, the utility = good products
As the electric bicycle repair market the biggest controller manufacturers, YuanYang science and technology has been committed to the universal and practical improvement of the product, reduce the product difficult to use, convenient operation and repair of our customers use.
In 2009, the successful launch of the "four in one mode of brushless controller", perfect the controller "60 degrees, 120 degrees, no Holzer, Holzer, 36V, 48V general purpose", caused a revolution of electric vehicle repair market controller industry!
In 2010, the successful launch of the "new concept of speech repair", not only by the electric vehicle repair industry favor, a level vehicle manufacturers have adopted, with industry manufacturers also have to imitate!
In 2011, the successful launch of "one called" patent product, the penetration of dual-mode controller to a level vehicle market!
In 2012, the successful launch of the hub motor, motor, differential motor all digital controller general.
Controller in electric vehicle repair industry, various manufacturers although launched a variety of functions, but the repair work is not interested in this! With such a problem, we conducted a series of surveys, to find out in the end that can really for the repair of any products is very simple: general, practical!
Ancient cloud: still water runs deep, simplified, product versatility is really good products!
Nanjing Exhibition on the occasion, we launched a grand:
48V, 60V, 64V universal controller
72V, 80V, 84V universal controller
YuanYang products will be your only choice!
Wholeheartedly for the customer, diligently pursue product excellence, electric car journey, ocean be always with you!
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