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Yuan Yang general manager of technology acceptance of electric network video interviews in the Nanjing Exhibition

2013/10/30      view:


To carry out the thirty-first Su trade fair in Nanjing in October 19th, the industry of hundreds of enterprises in Jinling to prosperity, in the exhibition scene, Mr. Liu Weidong, general manager of Shijiazhuang high tech Zone Ocean Technology Co., Ltd. received Chinese electric network interview.
Shijiazhuang high tech Zone Yuan Yang Technology Co., Ltd. and Chinese electric network has had several years of friendship. In 2010, ocean grand launch of 3G voice controller and speech repair baby products, this program will truly reduce the burden of customer service for vehicle manufacturers for the repair work, reduce the difficulty of work. Yuan Yang Science and technology features the others do not. As is known to all, the electric bicycle and strong industry is not Shijiazhuang, Yuan Yang technology was primarily done Tianjin market, but in 05 years, 06 years, the market competition is too fierce, and catch up with the first wave of electric bicycle shuffle. Liu consciousness to go the way of the enterprise is very difficult to survive. After careful investigation, Yuan Yang  technology transfer direction of the market, will be moved to the center of gravity of the two grade market, has developed Hebei, Shandong, the market in North Henan. 07 years of  Yuan Yang science and technology, the products have been all over the northern market two.
Yuan Yang Science and technology as the primary market manufacturers transferred to two levels of markets, this is very advantageous. Most of the two class market is to assemble their own products, no independent research and development ability, not according to the market demand to develop new products, and ocean technology is just the opposite, the unique advantages, has its own R & D team, their ability of scientific research, production capacity has become mature, research and development of new products, really close to the market demand.
07 years of Yuan Yang science and technology began to study the dual-mode controller, 08 years began to promote, in the 09 year of dual-mode controller pilot national ocean market hit 400000 sets of success. Yuan Yang Science and technology understanding innovation is important, a company does not have the characteristics of products, be eliminated is inevitable. Continuous innovation, constantly introducing new products, is the ocean technology has been kept.
Liu told reporters, it is the principle of the pursuit of the spirit of innovation, Yuan Yang now has advanced production line and testing equipment, the design method of controller, electric vehicle technology level, selection of materials and inspection standards are done to refine on.
Yuan Yang adopts market-oriented competition strategy in development, constantly adapt to changes in the market, market research, market analysis, demand analysis, set up the competitive advantage in the market; for the sake of customers, and achieve the best interests of customers, to win the customer's good reputation, win the reputation of products, with a reputation to win the market, each step stand firmly and fight steadily, in order to pave the way for the later road. Such enterprises, we have reason to believe that, in the fierce market competition in the talent showing itself must be. Liu burly, calm self-confidence, he got a deep impression. It is such a wise management personnel, the ocean will more walk more good.