24MOS tricycle brushless controller

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  • Brand:    Yuan Yang
  • Model:    YKS4860-24
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Yuan Yang patent technology, to break through bottlenecks in the industry!
Big power controller to create stable and durable!


The original M-shape patent case
The same weight of shell M-shape patent, the radiating area 1.5 times larger than the type and T type structure of aluminum shell. It is in the heavy current work, MOS tube temperature and aluminum shell temperature will be much lower than the aluminum shell type and T type structure of the same weight, thermal damage probability of MOS tube is greatly reduced!
The original Double-I dual channel cooling structure
The original Double-I dual channel cooling structure, overcomes the π type structure and T type structure for aluminum material influence of smoothness of the cooling system
The original PDPower-Double power technology platform
Using high power PDPower-Double technology platform, can easily design 24 60, 30 75, 36 90 pipe pipe, pipe, an 48 120 60 150 72 200 pipe, tube, voltage of 48, 60, 72, 96, 108V, power 1-8KW repair rate no more than 2% of the whole series power brushless controller.

Product Name: M high power controller
Model: YKS4860-24
Voltage: DC48V
Current limit: 60 ± 1A
Power: 1200W
Special function to be ordered.

1 temperature protection function
The controller of the company production with temperature protection function, when the temperature controller cavity more than 120 degrees, can automatically shut off the motor output, thus the maximum protection of the controller.
2 soft under voltage and under voltage protection function
When the battery voltage is low and not to the under voltage protection, if sustained for high current output, the internal resistance of the battery and line resistance will have a greater pressure drop, causing the controller immediately under voltage protection. In view of this situation, our controller in the battery voltage is less than 44V, the limiting value increases with the voltage of the battery is reduced, so the controller can continue to run with small current form, and effectively enhance the electric vehicle mileage. When the battery voltage is less than under voltage protection point, then turn off output, protect the battery.
3 reverse function
When the reverse input port (REV) low level input signal, the controller stops forward output and start to detect the rotation speed of the motor, when the motor speed is reduced to very low, and turn back to zero again after the turn, the controller starts to control the motor reversal. Reverse the maximum speed is the maximum speed of 30% (according to user settings).
4 kinds of protection function
Phase short circuit protection, locked rotor protection, under voltage protection, over current protection, open phase protection, MOS short circuit protection, the power to turn is not zero protection (anti speed), brake fault protection.
5 speed control and speed limiting function

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