9MOS 450W controller scheme

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The program uses the STM8S903K3 chip, the chip with high integration level, advanced technology, strong function, flexible configuration and convenient use. This Scheme makes use of STM8S903K3 chip and its internal powerful AD function, so that no Holzer periphery sampling circuit is simplified, reduces fault points. Most Functions of the controller by CPU chip to complete.

Series controller main parameters and functions are as follows:

Rated voltage: l can use 24V, 36V, 48V, 60V, 72V, 80V

Soft undervoltage value: set to 0.875 times the rated voltage of the battery (± 1V), can effectively extend the mileage

Limiting current limiting values for the 10A~50A (+ 1A)

Static power consumption: < 2W

Cruise function of MSP interface, with manual and automatic cruise cruise two modes, automatic cruise constant speed, no need to take control

Speed limit function: TS1 interface. The speed limit when the speed is controlled within 20Km/h, and according to the motor, through the software realization of Speeding, top speed is 1.25 times of the rated motor speed

1: 1 power functions: 1:1 interface. The controller size according to the pedal force, motor power make the corresponding proportion

Reversing function: CCW interface. This function is mainly used in electric tricycle

Anti-theft function: LV interface. Electric vehicle lock can effectively prevent the theft

three speed function: with speeding function

Display function: YB interface. Can be connected with the electric display instrument

Brake function: HH/HL interface. High level brake, brake level to more than 12V

EBS brakes: EBS interface. Flexible EBS brake, brake quickly, good comfort

Ultra quiet: start and noise during the running process is extremely low, reducing the vibration of the motor, effectively extend the service life of the motor

Low fever: by flow technology continued, reduce the heat loss of the controller, improved vehicle energy utilization rate, prolong the mileage

Current limiting protection: Hardware over-current protection, protection of software has an average current and peak, the peak current limit is the maximum Current in order to prevent more than MOSFET, the average current protection is in order to achieve the same limiting value in different motor

Anti slide function: automatic detection of speed or electronic circuit fault caused the slide, improve vehicle safety

Blocking protection: Motor stalling over rated time, into the automatic protection, which can effectively protect the controller and motor

Phase loss protection function: when the motor L Holzer phase or phase error, control the output will be turned off, and switching to a non Holzer model.

Hardware self-test protection function: when the controller is powered on or PWM output from nothing to sometimes, a MOSFET self inspection, if the error occurs three times in a row the controller self locking.


The control function of L phase current: adjustable phase current, to prevent the MOSFET working current is more than MOSFET ratings, cause permanent damage to the MOSFET tube.

 Holzer free operation function: when the error occurred motor Holzer, the controller will automatically switch to the Holzer free running state, when Holzer after The repair can be re switch back (no need to adjust the phase, completely automatic matching, only for 120 degree motor, 60 degree motor pull out electric machine can)

The company can provide the following series of motherboards

1 ordinary series

2 three speed series

3 Super Series

4 the balance of power series


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