6MOS 350W Brushless Controller

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  • Brand:    Yuan Yang
  • Model:    JG36/48*16-CHF
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Product Name: electric vehicle brushless motor controller

Model: JG36/48*16-CHF

Voltage: DC36V/48V

Current limit: 16 ± 1A

Power: 250-350W

Function: the special function to be ordered.

1 there is no Holzer, adaptive, 36V/48V adaptive voltage

Automatic adaptation (applicable to two grade market)

Holzer drive and no automatic switching between Holzer drive, 36V voltage and 48V voltage automatic recognition! At the same time with self-learning function (in the riding process in case of motor Holzer pipe damage are automatically transferred to the Holzer free state, in a state of Holzer tube damage as long as the push ring can be automatically converted to the Holzer free state), especially suitable for the repair market. It whether you use a 120 degree or 60 degree motor motor, no matter how the Holzer line and the line, as long as the correct functional line connected, do all things controller will automatically for you, if the direction is wrong, plug it learning line.

2, high recognition rate:

Can quickly complete the recognition to the motor, but also can adapt to the market 99.9% of the motor, no matter is the recognition speed and recognition rate is much higher than ordinary self learning controller.

3, the fixed phase adaptive (applicable to the primary market)

For vehicle manufacturers, if the motor with the standard, it can directly use the phase controller default, if the motor during operation Holzer is abnormal, the system will automatically switch to the Holzer free drive mode; such as Holzer troubleshooting, the system will automatically restore the Holzer mode.

4 temperature protection function

The controller of the company production with temperature protection function, when the temperature controller cavity more than 120 degrees, can automatically shut off the motor output, thus the maximum protection of the controller.

5 soft under voltage and under voltage protection function

When the battery voltage is low and not to the under voltage protection, if sustained for high current output, the internal resistance of the battery and line resistance will have a greater pressure drop, causing the controller immediately under voltage protection. In view of this situation, our controller in the battery voltage is less than 44V, the limiting value increases with the voltage of the battery is reduced, so the controller can continue to run with small current form, and effectively enhance the electric vehicle mileage. When the battery voltage is less than under voltage protection point, then turn off output, protect the battery.

6 kinds of protection function

Phase short circuit protection, locked rotor protection, under voltage protection, over current protection, open phase protection, MOS short circuit protection, the power to turn is not zero protection (anti speed), brake fault protection.

7 speed control and speed limiting function

8 super mute, synchronous rectification function

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