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Development of YuanYang Technology Co., Ltd.

One,    2000 - 2006, service in the primary market vehicle matching, the experience of a number of hard fighting enterprises.
Two,    2006, entering the two grade market, the primary market professional, focused, concentrate on products of the spirit into the two level.
Three,  2006 - 2008, since the introduction of learning, no Holzer controller.
Four,    2008 - 2009, launched the first dual-mode controller, controller into two times.
Five,     2009 - 2010, launched the speech controller.
Six,       2010 - 2011, by the automatic mode into learning line mode.

Seven,  In 2013, the grand launch of " M-shape high-power electric coolcar controller"

eight,    In 2014, the grand launch of " M-shape high-power electric car controller"


Corporate Culture

Company Mission: Committed to the electric control technology research and development,
production and promotion, make contribution for the development of the industry!

Business philosophy: Professional, focused, concentrate!

Enterprise spirit: Pragmatic, honest, enterprising, innovation!

Enterprises Philosophy: simple winning!

Values:Manufacturers and dealers Cooperation, mutual benefit and win-win!

Management concept:Rigorous, efficient, tough, forgiving!

Development strategy: Specialization, diversification, internationalization!

Quality Service Viewpoint: Let operators assured, allowing users happy!

Brand slogan: Assured travel, please choose yuanyuang controllers!